Safety & Training

A Touch of Perfection

Safety & Training

Working at heights involves high risk. There are good & bad days waiting in the wing Hence, right training plays a vital role in not only lowering down the percentile of accidents but also eliminating of possible fatal threats.

The following are highlights of S.D ENTERPRISES services safety assurance.

  • Patented training manual, IRATA Level-1 certified trainers.
  • Trainers with an experience of 3-5 year in the industry.
  • Employees have to go through 16 hrs or 2-day training program before being assigned any responsibility related, do & DONOT’S.
  • The induction process involves basis medical checkup of the employees, filling up his ESI-EPF& ACCIDENT INSURANCE forms and then Training.

In a year an employee has to go through a minimum of 4- Training programs of the company (every quarter) to keep his concepts refreshed.